New Ladder!

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New Ladder!

Postby Nahuelco » Sat May 20, 2017 7:25 pm

Blizzard's Classic Forum:

New ladder on the 30th! I will be self-rushing through act 1 and most of act 2 (got to roll a 2 socket armor for Stealth). I may go public for act 3, depends if any Llamas want to join in. No hacks please.

I hope everyone has fun!

East ladder accounts:
Azurai [sorc]
Nahuelco [pally]
MortalKronos [barb]
A Guardian, virtual or extrovertive.

I will be hosting rushing services, with a barter trade system.

My accounts:
Azurai-CL (Sorc)
Kronos-CL (Barb)
Nahuelco-CL (Necro)
NahuLlama (Used for runs)

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