Speedrunning Martial arts Build

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Speedrunning Martial arts Build

Postby 1darkkefkafan » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:21 pm

Now im going to give you my Speedrunning Build for the MA Assassin.


Normal for the starting MA user gets a 2/10 rating for difficulty. I do highly recomend doing the den for the extra skill point and the respec.

LVL- 2-4 Claw Mastery
LVL- 5 Tiger Strike
Den Point- Dragon Talon

At this point in the build thing get complicated. From here it goes on to personal preferance. Do you want more into Tiger Strike for damage? Put points into Fist of Fire for area coverage? all into Burst of Speed to make your assassin faster? From here i will go with what i use for speed runs most of the time but feel free to adjust it to your preferance.

LVL- 6-8 Fist of fire
LVL- 9-10 Burst of Speed
LVL- 11 Dragon Talon
LVL- 12-14 Weapon Block
LVL- 15 Psychic Hammer
LVL- 16 Cloak of Shadows (Most people only use this with the Trapsin Build but i like it for MA)
LVL- 17-20 Cobra Strike
LVL- 21-23 Fade
LVL- 24 Dragon Claw
LVL- 25 Dragon Tail
LVL- 26-27 Dragon Flight
LVL- 28 Claws of Lightnig
LVL- 29-32 Blades of Ice

Normal Total
Claw Mastery -3
Tiger Strike -1
Dragon Talon -2
Fist of Fire -3
Burst of Speed -2
Weapon Block -3
Psycic Hammer -1
Cloak of Shadows -1
Cobra Strike -4
Fade -3
Dragon Claw -1
Dragon Tail -1
Dragon Flight -2
Claws of Lightning -1
Blades of Ice -4

Now this build may seem stretched out and ineffective and at times it seems like it but the respec is harder to figure out you have 32 points to use at this point (more if you have done the Radament and Fallen angel quests). The hard part is going to be deciding what you want to main. Do you want Fire, Lightning, Ice, or Healing? Lightning isnt the best choice unless you plan on respecing again at hell. Cobra Strike is useful on 1v1 bosses such as Durial, Diablo, and Baal but not for much else. Fist of Fire being a level 6 Tree skill doesnt get that strong until you start putting points into Phoenix Strike. So your best bet for Nightmare is going to be Blades of Ice or Phoenix Strike.

Phoenix Strike is a combonation of all 3 elements using meteor, chain lightning, and the ice spikes from frozen orb, and is hard to master when using duel claws as the charge will hit twice if you want to use the 1 hit meteor charge. Thus for nightmare i recommend Blades of Ice.

Nightmare Respec

Tiger Strike -1
Fist of Fire -1
Cobra Strike -1
Claws of Lightning -1
Blades of Ice -14
Phoenix Strike -3
Claw Mastery -5
Burst of Speed -2
Fade -2
Venom -2

Going threw Nightmare As a Icesin as i like to call it isnt that hard and as you level i would put a few points into Fade or Venom as you see fit then master Blades of Ice and move on to Phoenix strike then move on to hell.


I dont recommend a respec for hell unless there is a skill you want less in and more in another the synergies form Blade of Ice makes Phoenix Strike just as helpful so if you have been putting points into that then your good if you want a good finish skill to use i would recommend Dragon Flight for the teleporting if there are monsters on the edge of the screen its just as good as the sorceress teleport skill. After Mastering Blades of Ice and Phoenix Strike move to Venom for even more damage over all or get Shadow Master as a tank for you.

Hope you enjoy these builds and dont forget to leave good comments or criticize me in the comments to tell me what i am doing wrong and i will test it out and change things if need be if you want me to do a particular build for the assassin go ahead and send me a privet message thank you.

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