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Brawling Games

Postby Nahuelco » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:08 am

So, with the ladder 'evening' out I'm sure there are who are bored of PVM and MF'in. SOOoo....

Let's create a Brawl game. The title doesn't matter, but for a standard it should have 'Brawl' in it.

I personally would name mine 'Pk Brawls'.

So, here the catch. There is always that one guy who likes to go overboard and bring his level 93 paladin to camp town and just spout out vulgar sentences.
We need rules to define and a plan for the people who shouldn't see this. But also, I will have a list of people whose accounts that will be looked out for.

The game is open to all levels, and all types. Just join in, fight someone around your level, trade or whatnot. Just have fun!

1. If a player is verbal abusive, "Squelch" him. You can do this by pressing 'P' or go to the party screen. To the right of his profile, the ear icon will block his messages from appearing to you. You can take it a step further and press the icon to the left of it, so he cannot see your text.
2. In an event a bully is present and causing chaos, stay in town until they leave. If they camp for too long, a new game will be made and level restricts will be placed if possible.
3. Rules are established per match/battle, so have fun coming up with new stuff!
4(?). A ref can be present to monitor games, and this can be a video recording of duels/messages for evidence or for other viewers.

Maybe start a tournament? :D
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