You know there's a Diablo III, right?
Diablo III strayed away from a lot of the things that a lot of people liked about Diablo II. In short, Diablo III isn't a bad game, but Diablo II is better

When and where?
November 22nd, after the ladder reset on US East

Hardcore or softcore?
The primary focus will be on softcore, but there will definitely be people playing hardcore

Classic Diablo II or expansion?
Expansion only for now. If you don't have it, it's only $10

Ladder or non-ladder?
Ladder only for now

Do I have to have "llama" or "CL_" in my name?
No, but it's preferred

Can I use maphack, bots, or other hacks/mods?
Please don't. Although we can't really do anything to stop you, you're running the risk of getting banned and just generally being unfair. If you and some friends what to have a private game where you agree on the use of specific hacks/cheats and you accept the risk of being banned by Blizzard, that's okay. Don't cheat in public games, though

I don't live in the US/What about other realms?
We want to have as many players as we can interacting with each other, therefore everyone should play on the same realm (eventually this may spread to other realms, but starting out everything will be on US East). If you don't live in North America, you can still play on US East. With a decent Internet connection, the lag should me manageable. Besides, lag is all part of that retro Diablo II experience, right?

Why not use a private server or SlashDiablo?
This would be an extra step for everyone. Yes, we know how easy it is to connect to a private server, but a lot of people still wouldn't do it. This would also preclude almost any chance of Blizzard noticing us. Our goal is to make the Diablo II realms great again, not start our own

What about all of the spam and bots?
A video tutorial on blocking spam with an ignore list should be coming shortly. As for the bots, they shouldn't cause much trouble. If nothing else, we can use passwords to keep bots out of our games (we'll discuss what passwords to use if the need arises)

I'm new to/I'm not very good at Diablo II
Players of all skill levels are welcome. If you're new to Diablo II, The Arreat Summit is a great resource on game mechanics. There are lots of guides out there too and they aren't hard to find

I don't own Diablo II or the expansion
Go buy it. Seriously, the base game and expansion are only $20. It runs on both Macintosh and Windows (plus *nix systems, with Wine and some tweaks). If you like hack and slash, role-playing, dungeon crawling, or even rougelikes then chances are you'll love Diablo II. By the way, if you already have a CD Key, you don't need to re-buy the game, Blizzard will let you download it for free

What kinds of runs will there be?
Anything and everything. From sorceress speed runs to regular summon necromancer runs, from ironman to public high-level dueling. Just get on the ladder and do whatever you feel like doing

How can I help?
The most important thing you can do is get on US East and play. Other than that, you can help spread the word by linking people here, watching and linking people to MrLlamaSC's Twitch, and tweeting #MD2GA