Make Diablo II greatagain!


The ladder has been reset!
Go play!


#MD2GA is an initiative to make Diablo II great again! On November 22 after the ladder reset, we're going to flood the US East realm with new ladder characters. Our goal is to re-create the original Diablo II online experience, complete with hacking, slashing, trading, dieing, dueling, and those wonderfully horrible sleepless nights. We also hope to make Blizzard take notice and show them that there are still people who play Diablo II


After the ladder reset, create a new ladder character on US East. Use either the prefix "CL_" or the word "llama" in your name to be identified as part of Clan Llama. Join the channels "OP MD2GA" and "Llama" to chat with others


The ladder reset happens on November 22nd 2016 at approximately 10:00 PST. Historically, Blizzard has been late in reseting the ladder, but it should still happen before the 22nd is over


The US East realm, in channels "OP MD2GA" and "Llama"


Because the realms now are all filled with bots and spam, and Blizzard seems to have forgotten that there are still people playing Diablo II